Retro Gaming?

Whether or not a game or system qualifies as retro gaming is a tough thing to quantify and something that different people will often think very differently about. The 'retro' in the word 'retro gaming' is in itself a bit of a little bit misleading. Retro, by definition, is a style that intentionally evokes memories of an older style that has since gone out of fashion.

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Video Games Can Actually Be Good For You

By Drew Guarini

Your mother was wrong. Video games aren't bad for you. They're actually making your life better. Despite hand-wringing over a supposed connection between violence and video games (hint: there isn't any), numerous academic studies indicate that playing video games has many psychological and even physical benefits. Taken together, it turns out video games actually make you a better human being.

1. 'Mario' Is Like Steroids For Your Brain- To better understand how video games affect the brain, German researchers conducted a study, which was released this week. They asked 23 adults with a median age of 25 to play "Super Mario 64" for 30 minutes a day over a period of two months. A separate control group did not play video games at all.


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